Vast flocks in common roosting areas make parrots vulnerable to many hazards; Andrea Soares Macedo
Fireworks victim, Mark Issacs
Monk Parakeet nest, @anniebee

What Happens

Structures: Buildings, walls, radio/cell towers and other constructions create collision hazards. Entire flocks panicked by human influence or natural circumstance may collide with objects which normally pose no problems.

Powerlines: Psittacines commonly use overhead line in the pre-roosting congregations. Unsafe, grounded, non-insulated or malfunctioning powerlines can result in mass injury and mortality.

Electrical Shock: electrical shock injuries can occur from nest or cavity-building activity. Freak accidents such as faulty electric structures (light poles, household connections, pirated electricity, sports field illumination) can electrify wet fields and water sources; resulting in mass casualties.

Fireworks: disturbance of roosts from fireworks can result in collision injuries on a mass scale.

Harassment: intentional harassment, especially at night roosts, can result in mass casualities.

What to Expect

  • Severe, multiple and complicated blunt trauma

  • electrical shock and burn injury

  • possible fall injuries

  • intentional projectile (guns, slingshots, etc) injury

What to Do

  • Capture and contain injured birds

  • keep them in a warm, dry, safe and secure environment

  • do not force water or food

  • warm water can be gently dropped along the tomia (edges of upper and lower beak) to encourage normal licking and swallowing

  • once water is accepted, warm sugar water (1:4 sugar to warm water) can be alternated

  • do not offer free-access water until they are able to regain normal posture

  • offer food only after they are hydrated

  • contact appropriate rescue if/when possible

  • minimal handling and refrain from :staring at them all the time"

  • visual or audible contact with other birds is desirable

  • ambulant and non-aggressive birds may do better in small groups (5 or less)

Likely Outcomes

  • severe injury and hypothermia generally do not lead to good outcomes

  • many birds will have fatal injuries

  • projectile injuries will likely be fatal or require immediate euthanasia

  • expect a high mortality rate on birds that are found down on the ground and docile