Disasters may destroy or contaminate existing water sources and supplies. Tropical conditions will promote contamination, algae growth, parasites, and invertebrates.

Only human-safe water should be used for psittacines. Proper filtration or other sanitation of water supply is absolutely required.

  • Use the “would you drink that?” rule.

  • Water supply MUST be sanitary and free from contamination. Birds are highly susceptible to GI pathogens after stress or injury, and mildly pathogenic organisms in mammals can be fatal in birds.

  • Some emergency purification recommendations should not be used with birds (water purification tablets and bleach or peroxides can be toxic to birds).

  • In general appropriate filtering combined with boiling procedures are preferable to chemical treatment.

Filters should be of high quality and certified for particulates, toxins/heavy metals, and microbes including viruses, protozoans, fungi and bacteria. If rain water is collected for drinking and washing, it still needs to be treated for air pollution and collection contamination.

Drinking and bathing water must be sanitary and free of contamination.

  • water purification tablets can be toxic to birds

  • emergency purification recommendations include filters for particulates, toxins/heavy metals, microbes including viruses

  • rain water still needs to be treated eg air pollution and collection contamination

Water used for washing dishes and laundry must also be from clean sources. Severe poor hygiene absolutely must be avoided.

When there is NO running water